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About Natalie Lauren

Hello and welcome, my name is Natalie Lauren. I’m 31 years old and have been married to my husband Sean since 2006. I work from home as a fitness coach and love the freedom and quality of life that being a business owner has done for me. I love working out, eating healthy, and most of all; I love paying it forward. I coach for free and help others get fit, start their own business, or both. I make sure that my new coaches are confident leaders and successful in their business and personal health.

It might be hard to believe, but I used to weigh 251lbs. I gained weight from stress and bad eating habits. I wasn’t dealing well with stress caused from financial burdens and the overtime I worked to try to help those financial burdens. I found myself eating a lot of bad foods to help deal with the stress. I felt depressed and extremely insecure about how I looked.

I first started to eat better foods and began to lose some weight, but it wasn’t until I decided to try Beachbody’s P90X, drinking Shakeology and eat healthy that I saw big results.  The Shakeology really helped cut back cravings because it was giving my body the vitamins & minerals that it needed. I knew that I needed a positive change in my life and I was determined to make it happen. Since summer 2009, after the first 90 days of P90X, I lost 24”/60cm around my whole body (2 feet!) and I lost 12lbs/5.4kg. I was hooked and on to my next program: Chalean Extreme. This is my soul mate workout. I do it over and over again. I love lifting weights and now I’ve lost over 90lbs!! Plus I’ve benefited in so many other ways.

Now I feel younger and stronger. I drink Shakeology everyday replacing one of my meals. I workout and eat healthy. I’m not insecure about how I look. Plus I get to pay it forward to others. It’s so rewarding and I’m very grateful to have this business. I do most of my work through social networking, so I can work from home and have more time with my family and more time for fun stuff like vacations.

I run fitness challenge groups on Facebook all the time. I have an exclusive recipe book you can check out. I will coach you for free, or help you start your own business. Contact me and let’s get started!

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